Project Description

Lycia is one of Turkey’s loveliest regions. Geographically it falls in the area between Fethiye and Antalya along the soutwestern coast of Anatolia. The massive chainsof the Taurus mountains dominate the harsh landscape. The ranges of the Beydağları, the ancient Solyma in the east and Akdağ, ancient Massicytus in the west, with their 3.000 m high peaks, from the northern borders of the region, while to the south, in several points (around Finike, Kınık and Fethiye), it stretches into lowlands to the Mediterranean.

The vegetation is typical of the Mediterranean basin, with citrus trees and, in higher altitudes, pine, spruce, and even the nowrarely encountered cedar forests. Strabo furnishes us with a detailed report on the Lycian Federation. According to him, 23 cities with their votes were represented in the federation and held each year an assembly. The most important cities among them had three votes each. They were Xanthos, Patara, Pinara, Tlos, Myra and Olympos, and their economic power was further expressed by the large quantity of coins they minted.

Day 1 : Dalaman – Fethiye
Meet the group at the airport and transfer to Fethiye Harbour. Overnight on boat.

Day 2 : Gocek Islands (Agalimanı – Hamamkoyu)
In the morning sailing to Agalimani (1 hr). After breakfast we walk up hill throuh forest with the view of the sea. Here we can visit the cisterns that ruined from Lydians. After a tea break in a shephard’s hut we go on the walking to Marti bay and then reaching to batik Hamam bay. We embark on our boat that waits us at Binlik bay. Afternoon will be spent by swimming and visiting Batik Hamam. Here we find a Roman bathhouse partly submerged in a bay fringed by pinecovered hills. Overnight on board with all meals.

Day 3 : Gemiler Island – Kayakoy Walk
İn the morning we sail to Gemiler island (2 hrs sail). On this island are the remains of a sizeable Byzantine settlement and though many of the buildings are in ruins, there is still sufficient to see, including some marvellous mosaic floors, to make a ramble ashore worthwhile. There are churches, chapels and civil building ruins of the Byzantine period, constructed between 5 – 11th centuries AD on the island reached via boats from ֬宩z or Gemiler Bay. İt is important as its one of the centers from where Christanity was initially spread. The island is also know as St. Nicolas, and is one of the areas visited on the Blue Cruise route. We will be transfered to Kayakoy to explore the uninhabited town of Kaya was initially a ghost village, the largest Greek ghost town in Asia Minor. After the foundation of Turkish republic, the governments of Turkey and Greece changed the population in 1920s. After the visit of Kayakoy village we start the walking to Oludeniz. We will take the path and pass through forest (around 3 hrs walk). Arrive beach of Oludeniz Opportunity for swimming. We meet our but again for relaxing and swimming. Late afternoon in Gemiler we will visit the some ruins of Byzantines Churches from 4 and 5 century then we will see the sundown at the top of Gemiler island hill. Overnight on board.

Day 4 : Gemiler – Kalkan – Simena (Sunken City) – Kekova
Today our first stop will be Kalkan. Kalkan, an attractive village built into the steep seacliff. Kalkan is an ideal base for the yatch for suppling their needs. After 2 hrs sailing, reaching to Firnaz bay. After the breakfast we will visit Kalkan harbour. Aftenoon our journey will go on to Kekoka, Gokkaya bay. The ‘three mouths’ of Ucagiz are the two openings east and west of Kekova island and the channel to the village itself. As trade between the Lycians and the other Hellenistic Greeks increased so did piracy and many harbors and ports were fortified in the same way that Kekova is. Inside the castle is a theatre cut from the rock. It has no stage. Its seven rows of seats could hold about 300 people, an indication of Simena’s small size. We anchor today to Gokkaya island. Overnight on boat.

Day 5 : Kekova Island – Visit Myria
İn the morning we will visit Demre , the archaeological site of ancient Myra is two kilometres away from modern Demre. The origins of this city date back to the fifth century B.C. The Lycians were an unified race, sharing coinage, a common language and script not dissimilar to Jndo-European though Greek had replaced this language by the fourth century. The Church of St. Nicholas was built in the third century A.D. It was later enlarged and embellished with the contributions made by pilgrims who came in ever increasing numbers, became a basilica. After the visit Demre, we walk from Kapakli bay to simena casstle. Simena, whose harbour is dotted with ancient sarcophagi (tombs) and whose houses cling to a hillside beneath a medieval castle. Hiking up to the castle we find within its walls a tiny ancient theatre, carved from the solid rock, a wonderful place to sit and soak up the beautiful surroundings. Only the way to reach this village is by boat. İn winter times the children are carried by boat for their schools to other town. Opportunity for swimming. Overnight on board in Kekova.

Day 6 : Kas
In the morning after breakfast we visit the bays of Kekova then sailing to Kas (2 hrs), the ruins of Antiphellos are spread around the town of Kas which lies at the neck of a small peninsula in the Mediterranean. We will walk to Theathre in Limanagzi (1 hr walk). Afternoon we will anchor in Kas town and free time to visit the town. Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 7 : Kas – Fethiye
In the morning we sail to Fethiye and we stop for swimming in Samanlik bay. After lunch we sail to Fethiye, some 2400 years ago, Fethiye (FET-hee-yeh) was the prominent town of Telmessos, but earthquakes have left only a few Lycian stone sarcophagi from the old town, along with the dramatic Tomb of Amyntas carved into the sheer rock cliff high above the town. Late afternoon will be free to visit and shopping in Fethiye. Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 8 : Dalaman Airport – Home
In the morning transfer (1 hr) to the airport and fly home.
Limit : 7 / 16 persons
Season : April to October

Yacht Technical Details :

Type : Gullet
Length : 19 – 26m
Bright : 6 – 7m
Watter Tank : 3.000 – 5.000 Liters
Electricity : 220V
Other : Kittchen + cook, 4-6-8 cabins; each cabin has wc – hot shower, most of the cabines only French Beds