Project Description

First , we visit Istanbul is the only city in the world which embraces two continents, one arm reaching out into Asia, the other into Europe. The museum, churches, places, mosques and bazaars and the sight of natural beauty seem inexhaustible. As you recline on the shores of the Bosphorus at sunset contemplating the red evening light reflected in the windows and on the slender minarets on the opposite shore you understand, suddenly and profoundly, why so many centuries ago settlers chose to build on this remarkable site.

Then 6 days will be on Mt.Ararat Eastern part of Turkey near Iran border and it is a magnificent sprawling dome whose snow covered summit is 5.165m above sea level. Most Christians believe it is the site where Noah’s Ark came to rest after the great Flood. A climb of Mt.Ararat is a tough walk (non-Technical) but requiring a good deal of stamina. The upper third of volcanic covered in snow and the last hundred meters to the summit is icy.

Day 1 : Istanbul
Meet the group at the airport and transfer to the hotel. Afternoon will be spent to discover the uniqueness of old Istanbul. Our first stop is Sultanahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque) is more familiarly known as Blue Mosque because its interior gleams with a magnificent panelling of blue. it was built by architect Mehmet between 1609 and 1616. After visiting we stroll around Ancient Hippodrome the scene of chariot races and the centre of Byzantine civil life, stood in the open space in front of the Blue Mosque. We continue the visit Covered Bazaar is the world largest’s covered market. this labyrinth of the streets and passages houses more than 4.000 shops. Covered bazaar is still commercial centre of the old city. Overnight hotel.

Day 2 : Istanbul – Fly to Van – Dogubeyazıt
In the morning, transfer to the airport and fly to Van is one of the most important cities of the old Vaspurakan region.We drive to the direction of Dogubeyazit that is close to the Iranian border and famous with Ishakpasa Palace. We visit Ishakpasa Palace Ottoman governor Ishakpasa constructed the palace in 17thcentury with a mixture of architectural styles. The palace was made by using red clay stones and it resembles the Topkapi and Edirne Palace. Overnight hotel in Dogubeyazit.

Day 3 : Mt. Ararat Camp 1 (Yesil camp 2900m)
In the morning transfer till Eli village, meeting local porters at 2400m who carry our bagagues untill 2900m. Today, we wear our ski and ski to the base camp at 3200m. Our baggages will be carried by horses our mules. Dinner and overnight at camp. (Ascent = 700 m / Descent = 0)

Day 4 : Mt. Ararat (Camp II)
Today we carry our limited equipment by ourselves and also porter (shepa ) will help us. We ski to camp II (3900m). Overnight camp with all meals. (Ascent = 1000 m / Descent = 0)

Day 5 : Mt. Ararat Summit (5165m)
Ski to the summit ( 5.165m) . After summit we ski down. About at 4500 m glaciers and perennial snows are present. Return to the base Camp I. Overnight at camp with all meals. (Ascent = 1265 m / Descent = 2265 m)

Day 6 : Reserve Day
Today is Reserve day. if weather is bad we will try summit next day. If we do summit 1 day ago, we go down to hotel in Dogubeyazit , if we can not do the summit today we stay at campsite and try again summit today.

Day 7 : Mt. Ararat – Dogubeyazit – Van
Descend to Cevirme Village about 3 hours and return to Dogubeyazit . Driving to Van about 2h. Late afternoon free for visit city center. Depending on time we may visit Akdamar island is the most important of these. On the island stands the 10th-century Church of the Holy Cross, Architect monk Manuel built the church between the years 915 and 921.The Church, consecrated in honour of the holy cross. Reliefs, depicting scenes from the Old and New Testaments, daily Iife such as hunting, run along the exterior of the church. Overnight hotel.

Day 8 : Van – Istanbul – Home
Transfer to the airport and fly home.

Summits : Mt. Ararat 5165 m
Grade : IV
Limit : 6 – 16 persons
Season : March – April , 15th May