Project Description

Violent eruptions of Mt. Erciyes (3916m) and Mt Hasan (3300m) three millions years ago covered the surrounding plateau of Cappadocia with tuff. From this brittle rock the wind and rain have eroded: surrealist landscapes, rock cones, fairy chimneys, capped pinnacles and fretted ravines in colors running from warm reds and golds to cool green and greys appeared.

The Taurus Mountains; lie from the Southern boundary of Anatolia and stretch in a broken regular line from East Anatolia to the Aegean Sea. İn winter time it is always covered with snow. The southern Slopes are covered with forest of oak, pine and poplar and there are numerous grassy alps (yaylas) with abundant water. We are happy to offer this interesting racket walking in this surrealist landscape. Our exploration takes us along the ancient valleys to visit the rock churches, cave dwellings and the bizarre formations that nature has wrought.

Day 1 : Ankara
Meet at the airport and tansfer to hotel for overnight . Overnight at hotel in Ankara.

Day 2 : Ankara – Ihlara canyon – Cappadoccia
Leaving the capital city behind, we head south east towards Cappadocia. As we travel across the Anatolian plateau, the landscape changes from the lush green around Ankara to a flat emptiness dotted with tiny villages and pockets of cultivation, as one of the oldest civilisations, the Hittites lived here. We pass the massive ‘ Tuz Golu’- one of the salt lakes in Turkey. We visit salt lake that is very important for salt production of Turkey. Driving to Ihlara canyon Valley . Afternoon oıur first contact will be with our snow shoes, we will walk by our snow shoes a long the Melendiz river. On our way to Belisırma village we will visit Yılanlı Church and direkli church from 8-9 century. The narrow, steep-sided Ihlara valley, dotted with rock cut churches, was once the favourite retreat of Byzantine monks. This valley was formed by primeval earthquakes and the was once rushing river is now a quiet stream. As we walk along the winding valley, with cliffs reaching up to 170m in some places , we see small garden cultures that originally would have provided for the colonies and made them self supporting. There are many rock-cut churches is this valley with valley with well preserved frescos dating from the 9th century. At the end of the walking , arriving to the hotel in Goreme. Overnight hotel in Goreme.

Day 3 : Akvadi – Guvercinlik Valley
We wear our snow shoes, and walk through the Akvadi (white valley) eroded so perfectly by time, rain and wind during centuries. On our way following a seasonal river, many strange curious rock formations and fairy chimneys round us. If we are lucky we can also see some wild birds.(like hoopoe) and some wild animals(like fox). In 3h walk our way gets us up to Uchisar village where we have lunch break in a restaurant. Uchisar village is settled around a high promoter, which is called citadel. We visit it walking to the top where we have rewarding panoramic view on all the surrealist cappadoccia area. In the afternoon we follow a path to the Guvercinlik (pigeon valley). The piginaries are really very holy for Moslem people because of the Koran (holy book of Islam) and prophet Mohammed. Local people of the region use pigeon’s fertiliser for their vine fields. The path will take us to Goreme town. Overnight at hotel.

Day 4 : Goreme – Taurus Mountain
Today we will walk with our snow shoes onto Kızılcukur valley. Sometimes known as the ‘’red hole’’ Kızılcukur is probably the hottest valley in region. Hidden in its array of fairy chimneys is The church with grapes where there are frescos depicting viniculture and fruit growing.(The vine produced here now is very sweet and heavy ). After walk we board our bus and transfer to Taurus mountain, arriving to Cukurbag village at the foot of Taurus mountain. Afternoon we will make a round trip around the village with our show shoes. Overnight in Demirkazik village that is at the foot of Taurus and will give us opportunity to contact with local people. It is a wooden village house.

Day 5 : Kazıklı Ali Kanyon (Taurus Mountain)
A small transfer brings us to the Emli Valley .Whit our racket we walk down to Kazıklıali canyon nice view is available from there it is a impressive canyon.. The canyon take us to Elekgolu village where Taurus river passing thourgh mediternean. We meet our vehicle in end of Valley, and go back to the village’s house for overnight. (Ascent = 0 / Descent = 350m)

Day 6 : Aksampınarı valley – Sokullupinar
We return to Emli Valley, to reach the Enzevit Plateu. We cross the pine forest and walk in the Sıyırma Gorge, before ascending the Enzevit Plateu, with our racket. In summer time semi nomadic population, reach this plateu with their flock . Our way is to Yalak Valley where the Sokullupınar camp site is used in summer time. Then we reach the Cukurbag Village for overnight. (Ascent = 700m / Descent = 450m)

Day 7 : Cimbar Canyon – Afternoon drive to Ankara
The day is to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the northern face of Mount Demirkazık (3756 m). More impressive scenery as we trek through the impressive Cimbar Canyon. The walking will end in Demirkazik villlage and our bus will be waiting for us. Afternoon will be spent by driving back to Ankara. Overnight hotel. (Ascent = 250m = Descent = 750m)

Day 8 : Ankara Home
Transfer to the airport and fly to home